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Submitted on
January 22


1 (who?)
The Jones Family
With Relationship Status

America- Alfred Jones Sr. - Taken
Future America- Andy Jones- Taken

1 Delaware – Della Jones- Girl-Taken
2 Pennsylvania –Melissa Jones- Girl-Taken
3 New Jersey –Jennifer Jones- Girl-Taken
4 Georgia- Savannah Jones- Girl-Married
5 Connecticut- Chase Jones- Boy -Taken
6 Massachusetts- Alexandria Jones- Girl- Taken
7 Maryland- Michael Jones- Boy- Taken
8 South Carolina – Sakiria Jones- Girl- Taken
9 New Hampshire- Devin Jones- Boy - Single
10 Virginia- Wendy Jones- Girl -Single
11 New York – Jessica Jones- Girl-Taken
12 North Carolina – Sakaria Jones - Girl –Taken
13 Rhode Island- Roxanne Jones- Girl – Single
14 Vermont- Anna Jones- Girl -Single
15 Kentucky – Diana Gail Jones – Girl-Single
16 Tennessee – Adam Jones – Boy-Taken
17 Ohio- Alfred Jones Jr. or AJ for short- Boy -Taken
18 Louisiana – Louise Jones- Girls- Single
19 Indiana – Indiana ‘Indie’ Jones – Girl-Taken
20 Mississippi- Maddie Jones- Girl - Single
21 Illinois- Gary Jones- Boy -Single
22 Alabama- Simon Jones- Boy - Single
23 Maine- Aaron Jones- Boy- Taken
24 Missouri- Theo Jones- Boy- Single
25 Arkansas- Rockella Jones – Girl- Single
26 Michigan- Tyler Jones- Boy -Single
27 Florida- Alissa Jones- Girl -Taken
28 Texas – Dallas Texas Del Raye Jones- Girl-Married
29 Iowa- Ivan Jones- Boy -Taken
30 Wisconsin – Winnie Jones – Girl- Taken
31 California – Megan Sacramento Jones- Girl- Taken
32 Minnesota – Minnie Sota Jones- Girl- Taken
33 Oregon- Taylor Jones- Girl- Single
34 Kansas- Stella Jones- Girl- Taken
35 West Virginia- Wesly Jones- Boy- Taken
36 Nevada- Terrance Jones- Boy -Taken
37 Nebraska- Austin Jones- Boy-Taken
38 Colorado- Stan Jones- Boy -Single
39 North Dakota – Daytona Jones- Girl-Taken’
40 South Dakota- Dakota Jones- Girl -Taken
41 Montana- Demi Jones- Girl -Single
42 Washington – Stefan Jones- Boys- Taken
43 Idaho- Kyle Jones – Boy- Single
44 Wyoming – Maggie Jones- Girl- Single
45 Utah – Maxine ‘Max’ Jones- Girl- Taken
46 Oklahoma- Sarah Jones- Girl-Single
47 New Mexico- Anna Maria Jones- Girl - Taken
48 Arizona – Makena Zona Jones- Girl- Single
49 Alaska- Addison Alaska Del Raye Jones- Girl-Married
50 Hawaii- Kahania Rose Jones Edelstein- Girl- Married
51 Washington D.C.- Selene Jones- Girl-Taken
I don't own America or Andy.
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isn't Andy taken by Marshal? I'm positive they're dating
kk thanks, I knew Andy was taken
Yeah, and for Daytona, it's Poland

then there's someone with Lithuania

I think Egypt is single, right? we have no one for him

for Egypt or Lithuania?
Sakiria for Egypt, and Sakaria for Lituania
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